Marko Hatlak, accordion

Marko Hatlak is one of the most versatile and interesting artists of his generation. Combining rich musical heritage of his native Slovenia and the Balkans with classical music and passion of Tango, Marko performs around the globe as a soloist and member of several fascinating ensembles.

Accordionist Marko Hatlak has been on concert stages both in home Slovenia and abroad since 2000. Various projects and genres have given him the experience that is the foundation of his solo concerts, which stand out thanks to the intertwining of diverse compositions and genres.

The listener has the unique opportunity to experience the accordion in all its glory. One moment they are captivated by the energetic melodies and rhythms of the tango, the next they are transported to the hidden corners of the Balkans and its energetic folk music. Baroque and contemporary music, the main focus of his studies in Germany, bring out the infinite depth of harmonies composed by the brilliant J.S. Bach and the innovativeness of modern-day compositions.

Marko’s unique and original interpretation of each composition takes the listener on a deep and emotional journey. His playing is enriched with humorous story-telling, singing and audience interaction which bring the lively Balkan rhythms to life for a few songs. He is currently composing new music and planning special collaborations. His new album is set for release this year and will feature a selection of compositions from his solo programme.

Marko leads ensembles KAPOBANDA (Ethno and world music) and FUNTANGO. Him and his bands regularly collaborate with artists among which are Vlatko Stefanovski, Neil Innes, Tommy Emmanuel, Stefan Milenkovich and Una Palliser. The groups are often on tour in Europe and overseas.