Paco Peña Flamenco Company

Since 1970, Paco Peña has performed regularly with his own hand-picked company of dancers, guitarists and singers in a succession of groundbreaking shows. The Paco Peña Flamenco Dance Company has taken flamenco into the realm of music-theatre, with regular seasons in London at Royal Festival Hall, Sadler’s Wells Theatre and Barbican and festival appearances in USA, Edinburgh, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Athens, Israel, Istanbul, Singapore and Hong Kong.

A Compás!

The production A Compás!  wants to transmit to the audience the compelling nature of a range of flamenco rhythms, from the almost tribal, trance-inducing quality of the alboreá to the razor – sharp complexity of the “bulería”. At the same time, the show aims to isolate each artist at some moment, to throw (as it were) him or her onto the naked reality of a given rhythmic structure (or compás) and, there, having to deal with it in their own personal way, immersing themselves deeply into the feeling of the rhythm and contributing their own creative input, they must end up projecting an unstoppable pulse that every one can feel and identify with. Or, put in different words, they must try and get everybody “into the rhythm”, induce the feeling of “a compás” into the whole experience. Flamenco rhythms are vital; the compás is like a primal pulse, like the rhythm of the earth… and everyone must get to feel it!


Quimeras  … My aim is, with invaluable help from acclaimed theatre director Jude Kelly, to adequately display the beauty and value of the two distinct cultures, providing a moment and a platform for each to shine individually. But, crucially, the joint adventure of doing music together produces moments in which the two elements meet and find common ground. The show, therefore, consists of pure flamenco forms, equally orthodox African music and dance, plus a good measure of coinciding expression of both cultures together. The actual programme lists the separate flamenco and African styles plus a number of pieces listed in parallel when we perform together. Paco Peña


Patrias   … Life, as I grew up, was very much affected by the consequences of the war and the reality it had brought about in Spain; the many lives lost and many more destroyed were ominous reminders of the extreme polarity of ideas that had prevailed and remained ever present. Those radical opposing convictions had produced, among the huge number of people slaughtered, and forever to my country’s shame, one notorious, devastating casualty at the very beginning of the conflict: the death of Federico García Lorca, fundamental Spanish poet, artist, playwright, musician and uniquely inspiring human being Paco Peña


Paco Peña’s Requiem for the Earth, commissioned for the 2004 Salisbury Festival, is a powerful musical expression of the idea that our existence on this earth is ephemeral. In due time we all pass away, and most of us live in the expectation that a new generation will take over, and that life, as we know it, will continue as if for ever. But Paco’s flamenco requiem takes us beyond the traditional Catholic liturgy, with its Lux Aeterna, Dies Irae, Libera Me and Agnus Dei, for whereas the Requiem Mass expresses the hope that contrite souls will find their place in heaven on the Day of Judgement, and hence a faith in life everlasting, Paco’s requiem is a requiem for life on this planet.