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Brežice SEVIQC Early Music Festival , Slovenia 

The Seviqc Brežice festival is the synonym of early music in Slovenia and one of its most important cultural events. The festival invites the most distinguished artists, paying great attention towards young talents, education, the development of professional criticism and cultural tourism. We are one of the most important early music festivals in Europe.



The programme is based solely on HIP (historically-inspired performance) and is set exclusively at venues of Slovenian cultural heritage. It was from the beginning that we have been including international cultural concepts, which are so popular today in Europe. This diverse programme is the very aim of the Seviqc Brežice Festival, whose name comes from the abbreviation of the Latin expression Semper Viva Quam Creata, which means “Always alive as created”.



Join country walks and hiking expeditions through some of the most beautiful Alpine parts, followed by an introduction lecture on the programme of the early music concert in the evening.

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